Monday, January 05, 2004

Happy New Year to you all!

I spent 5 wonderful days in the Ocotillo desert with HammieLove and Dez. Well, almost 5 days, since Dez and I had to get up at the god awful hour of 4:30 on Friday in order to drive the two hours from the desert to downtown in order to come to work. That sucked. We did look pretty funny walking down B Street in our full motocross gear (boots included, helmets not--though we were tempted) to go to the gym to shower.

We are back now, another successful trip under our belts. Successful trips are classified by all people and vehicles returning in one piece. We managed that this time, although I almost blew it!

We were riding along, HammieLove, Dez, me, and a couple other friends. I was riding Bubba, my '85 CR250. (Just so you know, Bubba has BALLS! This bike is faaaasssssstttt!) We were riding through a section of the Off Road Parl that is really sandy, and for those of you who don't ride, sand is pretty difficult to ride in. Very squishy. The sun was setting and causing a bit of a glare as it reflected off the settling dust. So here we were hauling ass through the sand when HL turned this corner and I went to follow, not noticing that the ground was sloped into a berm. Next thing I know, I am flying through the air with the greatest of ease, landing with not so great ease on my left shoulder, my helmet cracking onto the ground. My bike (which was about 6 feet behind me) had its hand;ebars buried into the sand, which caused the throttle to get stuck in the "on" position. I managed to get it to shut off before flopping onto my back to mutter "Ow" to myself. Dez almost ran me over coming around the same corner and she thought I was dead! I had never seen her so worried. All I was concerned about was my bike and whether that qualified as a real crash instead of a "biff." I figured that since I cleared my bike instead of having it land on me, it must have qualified. I got back on and rode away, but here today I sit with whiplash in my neck and a very sore shoulder. Thank Bob, no broken bones or Bossman would have killed me.

I get to go home and clean an apartment for a turnover. Yay.

On the bright side? The Discovery Health Body Challenge starts on Saturday and Dez and Kari are doing it with me. It should be fun!