Tuesday, December 16, 2003

All I want for Christmas is a nervous breakdown.

I don't understand why this Christmas is so difficult! It shouldn't be. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done, everything is wrapped. My Christmas party dress and HammieLove's suits will both be done with their alterations today. Flights have been booked, travel has been planned, chocolate has been eaten, yet I am still beyond stressed. I almost (translated: did) brokedown last night because the kitchen was a mess and the outside lights won't work. I went for my final fitting on my dress and came back to HL sitting in the front yard with his tools, trying to fix the lights. Aw. We didn't get them all fixed, but some. I will try to do the rest tonight.

This season is weird for me because I always saw my mom getting depressed around the holidays. She would shut down. I was always the one keeping the family together, decorating the tree and baking cookies. I thought that I would never get like that and now I feel the exact same way. My mom was diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I don't think that I am that bad, but I wish I was happier.

On a lighter note, there is a ton of chocolate in my office! Everywhere I turn, CHOCOLATE! Bad for my waistline, good for my PMS. BTW, the Atkins diet went out the window. That is an impossible way to live! I think I kind of gave into the sweet tooth until after the holidays. This way I don't feel guilty if I eat a cordial cherry (yum!). I am surrendering to the sweet tooth. As long as I can fit into my pants come January, I am happy.

I am little peeved at both my sister and my best friend right now. I ordered some gift certificates from my sis since she was doing a fundraiser for her daughters' school. This was three weeks ago. I have to send said GC to Oregon by Christmas. I called her to check the status on them last night and her response was, "Oh, I didn't check on them today." DIDN'T CHECK? If I had gotten an answer like that from a normal retailer, I would have cancelled the order and gotten my money back. She just sounded like she didn't care. I was so pissed that I threw my phone across the room. Then, I talked to my BFF, and asked her to swing by here on Wednesday to pick up her Chrsitmas presents for her and the family. She has to pass my house anyway on the way to her mom's and it would save me the money in shipping. She said that she can't because she is traveling with the baby alone and she wakes up when the car stops. Okay, I don't have kids or anything, but that sounds really lame. What do you do if you get stuck in traffic, or at stop signs? She could leave the car running and grab the box. But NO, I have to ship it instead of inconveniencing her with a 2 minute STOP. Grrrr. I was planning on shipping them anyway, but it pissed me off that I went through the trouble of shopping and all and she can't just stop. I know that they aren't giving Christmas presents because they just had the baby (or birthday presents for that matter) and I don't mind, but couldn't she at least stop for her presents? Apparently not. So I will send off the box today at lunch, thank you very much. Ho frickin ho.


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