Tuesday, December 30, 2003

What a ho-hum day.

I have spent all of two hours at my desk today. BossMan had like six recordings go down today. Today being the day of the Holiday Bowl parade. The parade being the one with the big balloons that begin their trek from in front of the County Administration Building. The County Administration Building being the place that I needed to be. Getting into the parking lot was like trying to get into Fort Knox. I practically had to promise my first born in order to prove that I had business there, instead of being a spectator trying to park there for the parade. And of course, I was done 5 minutes before the parade started, so I didn't get to see any of it. *pouts* I like parades. Since I go to the desert every year now for New Year's, I never get to see the Rose Parade anymore. *ponders* I wonder if the little antenna we have on the RV will pick up the parade? That would be great! :)

So we are broke again. I went on a little spree with my sister on the day after Christmas and HammieLove is NOT happy with me. I promised to be good now, but we are pretty broke until mid-January. And I need to register my car. *sigh*

On the bright side, I am feeling much more chipper than I have in the past month. I am really glad that Christmas is over. Even being broke, I am in a pretty good mood. I am feeling optimistic about the New Year. I am going to pay off a couple of credit cards with my tax return, really stick to a budget, and try to get things rolling on buying a condo.

Tomorrow is due to be hectic, so Happy New Year to my blogging friends! Hope you have a safe and wonderful time!


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