Thursday, December 18, 2003

Today I was at the trolley station on 5th and C and I see this black couple fighting (not that race really has anything to do with it for me, but it will matter later...). I was watching like everyone else when the guy jumped at the girl and started to strangle her. A female friend that was with them stepped in and was pushing him away, but she was a lot smaller than him and he was basically running over her. Everyone just stood there and watched, so I dropped my stuff and ran over and stepped in. I just told him to calm down and told her to stop provoking him. He eventually walked away. It was scary!

So I was telling my friends at the Recorder's office about this, and Eshawn (who is black) asked if they were white or black. He said that I was nuts to step in. A lot of people said that they would never step in. Was I so wrong? I know I should have called 911, but he could have really hurt her if I had waited. I figured with my martial arts traing, I would have been able to handle myself if he had turned.

I think that I pissed off my friend Jason because he said that he wouldn't step in even if he was hitting her. I told him that if my boyfriend didn't say something or didn't try to protect the woman, I would leave him. Standing up for someone is the right thing to do.

HammieLove said that he would have done the same thing, but that it was dabgerous and I was lucky that I didn't get hurt. Everyone else said I was lucky I didn't get shot. I said that if I died standing up doing something that was the right thing to do, then I was meant to come to that end. Fear is not going to keep me from doing the right thing. I guess my thinking on it is that if I was getting beat, I would want someone to step in and help me. Eshawn calls me Captain Save-A-Ho. What would you do? Email me @

On the bright side, I got all my packages shipped off. Only Mom, Stepdad, and HammieLove to shop for. :) Yay me.


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