Monday, January 26, 2004

Golden Globes last night?

Jennifer Garner was ROBBED. I too love Six Feet Under, but what have you done for us lately? She looked fabulous though. Maybe next year, Syd.

I am sitting here waiting for three o’clock to roll around so I can go to the doctor. I went to the desert with HammieLove and Dez on Saturday. It was great fun! I rode the Raptor again and went through some MAJOR mud puddles. Just call me Mud Pie. It was such a blast. I was covered from head to toe and happy as a clam. Then HL and I go off the main path to allow a Jeep to pass by. The track that we took was not fit for a quad (did I notice that…apparently not) and the next thing I know, the Raptor is upside down and I am clutching my side, thinking that I am going to die. It hurt that bad. I had to ride the 15 miles back to civilization, one handed since I seem to have screwed my thumb up too. A nurse that was there thinks that I cracked a couple of ribs and recommended that I get X Rays. Hence, the doctor appointment. The pain is getting progressively worse and people seem to be going out of their way to make me laugh. What dolls!

Oh, and I busted some stuff off of Dez’s bike. I was praying to die before she saw it, ‘cause I was SURE she was going to kill me otherwise. Like the great friend she is though, she was more concerned about me when she turned and saw only the wheels of the Raptor spinning in the air. What a bud!

On the bright side? There is a 30 inch base of snow in Big Bear and we will have money this weekend! Can you snowboard with cracked ribs?

Oh yeah…it’s Girl Scout Cookie season again. Is it bad for my diet that I just ordered 5 boxes? Heh.

And on the dieting front, I lost 3 pounds and a couple of inches in two weeks. My clothes are already fitting better. Thank you Dance Dance Revolution!


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