Friday, February 06, 2004

Fiction Friday!

This week I am reviewing a book that I read a little while ago, but something triggered my memory about it today.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

It is a haunting but sweet tale of a girl. Susie is young (thirteen?) and is raped and murdered by her neighbor at the beginning of the book. She then watches how her death affects her family from her own heaven (which is filled with playful dogs and lime Kool-Aid). Her father intuitively knows it is the neighbor, but can't prove it. Her mother turns to the detective in charge for comfort. Her little sister finds love and Susie has to deal with the world moving on without her. She has to come to terms with her little sister doing things she herself would never have a chance to do.

This book moved me. Sebold takes you to places you would never want to go, like into the mind of the killer, but she does it in a way that you never want to leave. I loved Susie and her love for her life. Being with her while she progresses through the emotions of being dead and the pain of watching her family deteriorate makes you ache with emotion. The book ends in a thrilling and satisfying climax. Keep an eye for Ray Singh and his ethreal mother. They are my favorites.


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