Monday, January 26, 2004


Apparently, being able to dislocate ones shoulder at will is not a good thing. I have been diagnosed with a dislocated (sometimes!) shoulder, severly sprained thumb, and bruised (if not cracked--he coldn't tell but the treatment is the same) ribs. I have effectively been grounded. NO snowboarding under ANY circumstances, no dirtbike riding ( I told him I couldn't make any promises on that, but that I would take it easy when I went riding) and no anything that is going to hurt. It'll get me out of push-ups in karate, as will the splint for my thumb. I am totally bummed about snowboarding, but conditions have kind of sucked this season anyway, so maybe it will be better.

And now I have an appointment with the X Ray man, orthopedic surgeon, and MRI machine (where I will have to go ALL the way in as opposed to halway when they did my knee). Yuck.

On the bright side? New prescription for Vicodin. Yay.


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