Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I have been so busy lately.

Boss' are driving me up a wall.  I have everything under control but they are getting frantic over the littlest things.  I decided to take RSVP's for all six reps ( I only work for two) in order to have better control on the limited number of tickets available.  LadyBoss heard that and flipped out, saying I don't have the time and we are busy enough blah blah blah bitchcakes.  Then she asked if I printed the invitations out for the other reps and was upset that I designed and printed them myself instead of outsourcing them.  I ALWAYS design and print myself!  It didn't take long and was easier in the long run to just do them.  I don't understand why she is freaking out.  I have been working through lunch, all of her tasks are done in a timely manner.  She is getting worked up over nothing and it is frustrating.  I have to keep better control over the event because SHE is not letting me go since she will be vacationing in Hawaii.  BossMan said he was going to talk to her but I feel she is going to flip out anyway.  But he says that he NEEDS me there, she NEEDS me at the office.  I just wonder if the situation was flipped, she would make him let me go.


I got to see the floor plan for our new office today.  They have BossMan and LadyBoss sharing an office like they do now, but I am out in a freaking cubicle in the general office area.  I am not happy with this.  How will I screw around on the Internet?  No, seriously, I have enough trouble staying focused as it is.  I can't imagine being in a place where people will be constantly walking by, other phones ringing, conversations happening around me.  It is a worst case scenario for me.  LadyBoss said she would discuss it with BigBoss.  We are not moving until November so I am not going to stress until then.

I am proud of myself because I have worked out three days in a row.  It might not sound big to some people but the difference here is that I *want* to work out.  I was on the elliptical trainer for 35 minutes yesterday (3 miles, bay-bee!) and I would have gone longer but my neighbor was with me and she is not a "gym" person (she joined at the same time as me...why?) and she never lasts long.  I did a quick upper body session and went home.  I felt good though.  I did the gym on Sunday and went to TKD on Monday.  I have TKD class tonight ( I test for my next belt next Friday.)

TKD is going well.  I definitely think my meds help me there because I have been exceeding my performance in the past.  Monday we did mock testing and I did well, although I had on misstep in my form and I didn't break my board.  I have done the break before (jump round kick) with relative ease and my kick looked good, it felt good but the damn board wouldn't break!  After I sat down, my friends were complimenting on how pretty it was but pretty doesn't break boards, dammit!  I will get another shot tonight.  Have to make sure my "ki" is flowing...

Sorry if this is boring...I am venting...

I have been a non-smoker for a week now.  The patch works well to stop the craving but the damn thing keeps falling off!  If I sweat at all, it is gone.  Very frustrating.  I stuck it where my bra will hold it in place, but I think putting it that close to my heart is what is making me jittery today.

I am just kind of pissed off today.  I look forward to TKD where I can go beat shit up.


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