Thursday, July 15, 2004

Top O' The Mornin'

So I leave the house ( a little late, granted) and while I am waiting to get on the freeway, a very nice man on a motorcycle points out that I have a flat tire. I pulled over at the next gas station and discover my front left tire is flat as a pancake. I go in the AM/PM to buy Fix-A-Flat. I come out to move my car a little so the valve stem is on the bottom like it is supposed to be, when I discover I locked my keys in my car.


Another day in the life of Hammie. Luckily, I have my knight in shining armor and HammieLove came and rescued me. He even fixed my tire, even though he was in a rush and I could have done it myself. Hammie am spoiled.

LadyBoss is out for the next two days and man am I feeling it! Busy busy!!


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