Wednesday, July 14, 2004

6:17 and still at work. Granted, I was catching up at Hamster Time but I worked too! Really, I did.

I have to get out of here since I have karate tonight. I ditched on Monday because of my leg and headache.

Meds are going well. I am not noticing a HUGE difference but then again I thought this was going to be some magical transformation. But I am going to be up to tweaking things around to see if I notice anything else. I am thinking clearer though, which is nice. Doc said it would take a little while to get the right combo anyway.

I got some bummer news today. LadyBoss is heading out of town to Hawaii the first week of August and she leaves on the same day that I booked the Skyroom at the local horse racing track. We do two days a year where all the reps take their clients. I usually go both days because I coordinate and run the events. It is always a lot of fun but it keeps me out of the office for half of the day. She said there was no way that I could go for the entire time. She wants me to go and get everyone set up and then come back. I think I am going to delegate to Jamie to get everyone set up and then join them later. The track is halfway to my house and there is no way I am going to drive there, back downtown and then home. No way in hell.

I started the patch today for smoking. It seems to be working. I have had no cravings though I caught myself going for my smokes out of habit. Hopefully this will work because these things are fucking expensive! Don't want them to be a waste of money.

Shit, I gotta go... till tomorrow...


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