Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Hello! I am here, just really busy. Both Boss' are in meetings so I thought that I would take the time to post.

Had a long and tiring weekend. Went to the desert and had a blast riding around in our friend's Bronco. I couldn't really ride my bike because of my shoulder. It was more fun riding in the Bronco though, getting bounced all over the place. I had a blast!

We went with a new group of people, some of them HammieLove went to high school with. He didn't hang out with any of them in school, but has become friends with them 10 odd years later. One of them was a star football player that wouldn't have given HL the time of day when they were 16, but was falling all over himself complimenting HL on his welding skills. It was great!

I was caught in a like an age-limbo. A good 10-15 years younger than a lot of the adults (HammieLove is 12 years older than I am) and 10 years OLDER than any of the teenagers. The teens would stop talking when I walked in the room. I was like "C'mon I am not THAT much older!" But to them I am. I still remember 13. Quite well actually. They made me feel old, and I made the adults feel old. It was weird place to be.

The teens were actually really good kids. Most times at that age, they are all little assholes. These kids were fun. You can tell all of them are going to be heartbreakers. One of the boys can look me up in ten years! Little cuties...

Finished the weekend off tired. Started the week off tired. Finally, my body shut down on me. I worked late last night, got home around 7. I crawled in bed when I got home and woke up this morning around 6. There are sometimes when no matter how much Red Bull you mainline into your system it shuts down on you. That was me last night. I even missed American Idol. HammieLove taped it for me. He's so great!

Found out this morning that good friends of ours are separating. They will more than likely get divorced since the husband appears to be sleeping with their neighbor. He told HL at hockey last night that he is "in love" with her. I knew something was up when we went to his Super Bowl party, but since he was also hitting on me ( which is a death sentence if HL found out about it) I chalked it up to him being too drunk. I am very sad over this. We have been friends with them for years and are very close to their kids. It is hard in these situations to stay friends with both sides of the divorced couple. I also don't know how to handle seeing the "mistress" at hockey. Am I mean to her? She is apparently leaving her husband too. How could you fuck your friend's husband and still show your face at her house? I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

On the bright side? My best friend's husband got hired here yesterday. I feel good that I helped him get a job. :)


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