Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Everything couldn’t be bluebirds and floating hearts for long.

I could strangle HL right now. He called me AT WORK, furious at our bank balance. I wrote a check for HIS hockey league last night, believing that he had deposited his paycheck. The check went through and HL hadn’t deposited his check. I just don’t understand why he is so worked up over it. We didn’t get a chance to talk much last night between his hockey game and my gym time. He mentioned LATER that he hadn’t deposited his check yet but I didn’t think about the check I had wrote and didn’t even think that the guy would deposit it and it would post that quick!

I do not like getting called at work and bitched at and I calmly informed him that he was welcome to take back the checkbook any time he wanted. This is only the second time we have overdrawn in the SEVEN months that I have been doing the finances. There wouldn’t even have been those times if he didn’t fight me so hard on keeping a budget. We make WAY too much money to live paycheck to paycheck.

So he got frustrated and said he had to go.

So now not only do I get to go to a funeral tonight for our family friend (RIP Dave) but now I have to deal with irate HL. I can’t wait to get home tonight! Except not so much.

End Vent…

I lost another pound! That makes 8 total. My company picnic is in two weeks and I hope my total will be around 15 by then.

**We now interrupt this post for an important message**
HammieLove just called and apologized for getting mad. He said that we had been doing so good for so long and we have been scraping the past couple of weeks and he is afraid we are going backwards. Awww, sweet HammieLove. Admits when he was wrong. Reason # 1,253,246 that I Love Him!


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