Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Seeing the massive security surrounding the financial institutions in NYC inspires two emotions in me.



The fact that the administration is stepping up to protect our people, even if some of the information that they have is old, is comforting. I am sure the people who work on Wall Street are glad to see the military, SS, and NYPD in attendance for their safety. I know I would be.

So why are people (liberals) talking about overreacting? This just proved to me that in the liberal media, Bush/Ridge/Republicans can do nothing right.

Can you imagine if on September 11, Bush and the FAA had grounded planes and evacuated the World Trade Center? There would have been no attack and the liberals would have had a FIELD DAY about the President "overreacting." They would have called him paranoid. I truly believe that if he had taken the drastic steps necessary to thwart the terrorists, he would have been met with resistance every step of the way, especially since there had never been an attack of that magnitude on American soil.

I support what the Homeland Security people are doing. I say "Better safe than sorry."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep in mind the things you say are commonly reactionary, which means youre playing the same game. Try not to use blanketing statements, as Im sure there are 'liberals' that think whats happening is right, and others that dont. The world isnt black and white, honey.
Play fair, be objective.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Hammie said...


I shouldn't generalize or blanket an entire community of people. I was riled up this morning after seeing Matt Lauer ask Mayor Bloomberg if they were overreacting.

I just don't think one can overreact in this situation. As Bloomberg said," You can only know if you didn't have ENOUGH security in place. You can never tell if you had too much."

10:31 AM  

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