Thursday, February 12, 2004

I'm With Stupid

Stupid being me. I just bought my first pack of cigarettes in five years. I "quit" when HammieLove and I started dating and actually didn't smoke for about three years. Ever since I started my new job though, I smoke when I am stressed. Or out drinking. Right now, I am stressed. I hate bumming cigarettes so I went out and bought a pack. Smoking that cigarette felt GREAT but I don't want to start smoking smoking again. I get so hyped up and stressed out and I can't think of a healthy way to just STOP and de-stress. I think I need to figure this out.

It is the consensus at work that Slimy and Gross Salesguy's (SAGS) new assistant is a stripper. He frequents strip clubs and has had a string of floozy assistants. He confided in one of the other assistant's on the floor that the new one is a stripper, but I want to hear it from her. She is really nice and we all want to like her. The problem is that SAGS' old assistant was a friend of ours and she got fired so the new girl could be hired. Not really the new girl's fault and an unfair prejudice against her. My plan of action is to befriend her (because she deserves to be treated fairly...a job is a job) and to turn her against SAGS. On the other hand, another consensus is that she is sleeping with him. We will have to see.

HammieLove didn't make reservations for V-Day. I told him a month ago that I wanted to go to a nice restaurant and haven't said anything since. This morning he asked me where I wanted to go to dinner. *sigh* He is such a guy.

I have had 3 Red Bulls today and I am still tired. Hopefully, I will be able to stay up for ASS. So long, Jenna. Sorry about your mommy.


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