Wednesday, March 10, 2004

It's starting to feel a lot like summer

Yeah, I know that I live in San Diego and California has practically perpetual summer. It is still weird though when just last week I was wearing a scarf and battling torrential rain and today I am sitting here with bright sunlight filtering into my office. The announcers calling the Padres spring training game is droning in the background. People are coming to work bronzed after spending all weekend at the beach. When I come home, I can hear the kids splashing at the pool. It looks like summer, feels like summer, tastes like summer -- and it is still winter! I think I will never get used to this. And I am native Californian. I think that I am observing more as I grow older and this lends to my amazement about these things.

I have a new EEEEEEE! T.V. crush. Don't ask me why but I love Jon Peter Lewis on American Idol. Actually, ask me why. Because he is cute, unpretentious, funny, cute, and I love his deep voice. I literally "EEEEEE!" 'd when his clip was played on the radio this morning. And I voted like a devoted fangirl last night. *hangs head* I need a life.

Along with the advent of our pseudo-summer comes the wave of blushing brides. I HATE this time of year. Why? Because I want to BE one of those brides. Five years I have wanted to be one of those brides. I hate pressuring HammieLove about it. It makes me so sad though. Am I not pretty/nice/thin/clean enough to marry? Am I not a good enough cook? (That's not it-- I am a great cook!) HL has some issues to get over before he pops the question, this I know. But FIVE years?

So I tided myself over and bought bridal magazines last night. I AM an event planner so I have to keep up with trends.

Really, I wanted to look at the pretty dresses.


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