Thursday, February 19, 2004

Telephone, Telegraph, Tell Hammie

I was down at the Recorder's office when I saw this guy who I know had started a new Herba-whatever supplement program that one of our friend's is selling. I asked him how it was going, how did he feel, etc. I joked about him being my guinea pig because if it worked for him, I might consider the program. He snapped at me that he wasn't anyone's guinea pig and was kind of rude. A couple minutes later he told me that he didn't want to broadcast that he was on a diet and asked me not to say anything about it. Fine with me, I was just trying to be supportive of him.

The thing is, if you want to be uber private about your diet, why did you have your consultant give you the full rundown of your program IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RECORDERS OFFICE? How the heck did he think I found out about it? It's so not cool to do that then scold people for being curious.

On the bright side? ASS tonight. And HammieLove is going to Chili's Take out. Samurai Chicken...yum...


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