Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I have been super busy lately!

What has happened in my world...?

Went to Tucson over the weekend. I found the second redeemable thing about that Bob-forsaken city. There was a club that plays the most eclectic mix of music I have ever heard. From Britney to Metallica, Missy Elliot to Poison, techno to Nine Inch Nails. Since I love all kinds of music, it rocked to dance to it all in one place.

The down side? The club closed at 1am. How lame is that?

I got sick. I always get sick in Tucson.

It is raining...ALOT. Which is rare for San Diego. The poor fire victims now have to deal with mudslides and flash floods. And poor Hammie has to deal with horrible, horrible traffic since San Diegans can't drive in the rain.

On the bright side? The same storm dumped 2 feet of snow in the mountains. Since I am four weeks into my grounding from snowboarding, I am completely going against my doctor's orders and going riding. With conditions like these, I will risk dislocating my shoulder again!!


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