Friday, February 27, 2004

Fiction Friday!! ... has been postponed. I have been too busy to read anything this week!!

My big event went well yesterday. Of course, it rained torrentially in the morning, so like 40 people didn't show. The ones that did were great, it was a great turn out, and the location was fabulous! We had a roaring fire in the fireplace in the back of the room and the speaker was awesome. The Boss' were very happy. I got to go home early, where I proceeded to fall asleep and miss Survivor. Later Richard!

There is so much CONTROVERSY going on in the U.S right now!!

1. The Passion of the Christ

I am torn on this. I would like to see the movie. I am not sure that I want to see the violence. I think that this is something that I SHOULD see, violence aside. Kind of like Schindler's list. I used to be a fanatical Christian. I came to my sense's about what an ass I was being, so I am now a "backslidden" Christian. Meaning I have accepted Christ and all, but I am not walking the walk. If I died today, I probably wouldn't go to heaven. (at least according to what I was taught) Most people who know me wouldn't think that I am Christian. Mostly because I don't say that I am. I don't want people judging Christianity based on what I do. There are so many hypocrites out there that praise Jesus, then curse somebody out in the same breath. My faith is better served at home. So I guess things are still up in the air about "The Passion."

BTW, I think Mel Gibson is nuts but I still love him. And I don't think any accurate depiction of the crucifixion is anti-Semitic. Secular historians have chronicled the crucifixion and it is always the same. The Romans and the Jews killed Jesus. Why would a new movie about an old story be anti-Semitic?

2. Gay marriages

Anyone who has read this knows that I am conservative. Knowing that, you may be surprised to hear that I don't care if gays marry. I know being gay is something that you are born with (see where I don't fit in with the Christians? I am severely confused!) and if two people want to show the world that they love each other, go for it.

What I don't agree with? Public officials going against the will of the people and breaking the law.

3. Clear Channel cracking down on improper broadcasting...

I hate Howard Stern. I think is rude, vulgar, and over the top. I find him in NO WAY entertaining, so if he never broadcasted again, I wouldn't care. I think that he was given ample warning and he continued to bite the hand that was feeding him and he deserves what he gets.

In my world, HammieLove hurt his back at work. Which means no snowboarding this weekend. Which my doctor would probably be happy to hear.

My plans for this weekend? SLEEP.


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